Thursday, June 22, 2006

Comparison of Multifoil Insulation vs Celotex in a Model Experiment


I am in the process of a having a barn converted and have been intrigued and also highly frustrated by the debate on the pros and cons of multifoil insulation material. The builder who is leading the work on my barn conversion suggested we consider using multifoil insulation about a year ago - it was very easy to apply, more expensive but much more efficient. It sounded very promising and ideal for a wooden barn conversion where there was little space and we wanted to expose as much of the timber work as possible. I became aware of the differences of opinion about this new material after doing a quick search on the web, but I put it down primarily to competitor infighting, not uncommon with a new technology.

As a physical chemist I could see the theoretical benefits of using reflective materials to reduce heat loss and was very tempted to go ahead, despite there be no conclusive evidence of it’s effectiveness. The new insulation material clearly has a potential advantage for barn conversions and I was eager to get on with it - that was until I read the discussion on Multifoil insulation on the green building forum The posting by "Biff" on his kitchen experiment to measure the insulation properties of foil vs bubble wrap and a few other materials, left me with some doubts as to the insulation benefits of the multifoil. This together with some of the arguments by the different suppliers led me to carry out my own experiments which I hoped would give me the reassurance that the foil insulation was the way to go. I therefore set up an experimental model to simulate heat loss from a sealed container in which only the insulation material was varied.

The suppliers of the particular multifoil material claimed that it was equivalent to 100ml of celotex. Despite this claim, I chose to compare the foil with a layer of 50mm celotex, expecting to achieve a superior result.

Experimental Approach

Details of the various setups are shown in figure 1.

A 5 litre plastic container filled with hot water was centrally located inside a similar shaped 10 litre plastic container and insulated with either celotex or multifoil. The smaller container was isolated from the larger container by wooden spacers, creating an air gap of c. 20mm between the two containers. After the hot water was placed in the inner container, a 50mm thick tightly fitting lid was put in place and the temperature recorded with a digital thermometer with the sensing tip located c. 20mm below the surface of the water. The temperature of the hot water was monitored over a period of 5 or 6 hours and in 2 experiments overnight.

The lid and base support for the experiments were always the same and made from Celotex. This was purely for convenience since there was a risk that heat loss round the thermometer area could have been different for the different materials. Keeping the lid constant avoided this complication. The principle variable was the insulation material around the sides and bottom of the 10 litre plastic container.

After a number of feasibility experiments 4 controlled experiments were carried out.

1. No insulation material - The 10 litre container was simply encased in a cardboard box (the same box as used to support the multifoil in a later experiment). The top and base was Celotex as in all subsequent experiments, but there was no insulation material around the sides.

2. Multifoil insulation – A layer of a propriety multifoil insulation material (20mm thick, 14 layers of foil) was wrapped around the carton box as used above. The edges of the foil were overlapped by about 5cm. and sealed with "duck tape" (Figure 2)

3. Celotex insulation - A configuration in which the 10litre plastic container was encased by a Celotex box fabricated from 50mm Celotex board material. All joints were sealed with duck tape(Figure 3) In this configuration, no carton box was used.

4. Multifoil Insulation repeat - A repeat of exp. 2 with multifoil but to avoid possible effects of crimping of the foil by the tape, the insulation material was sealed without any compression by simply “butt jointing edges using using silicone sealant. As far as possible the insulation material retained a constant thickness of c. 20mm.

For each of the experiments water at approximately 80C was poured into the container, the lid and thermometer inserted and the temperature monitored over a period of 4 to 5 hours. In both experiments 3 and 4 the temperature was also measured the next day (about 18 hours after set up).

In addition to measuring the temperature of the water, the external temperature was also periodically checked. The ambient temperature varied from 11C to 18C depending on the time of day. By using a high initial water temperature, the effect of external temperature could be minimized. Furthermore In experiments 3 and 4 the ambient temperature variation was almost identical.


A summary or the experiment results is given in the graphs (figures 4 and 5). The starting temperatures varied slightly and therefore the data is adjusted along the time axis so that all graphs intersect at a common temperature for ease of visual comparison. Figure 4 showing the detailed temperature change in the first 4 to 5 hours and figure 5 showing that these differences are maintained over an 18 hour period for experiments 3 and 4.

All curves show a logarithmic decline in temperature as one would expect for a heat loss experiment. However, there is a slight deviation for logarithmic behavior in the first 15 to 20 minutes of setting up the experiment. This is attributed to the time it takes for the heat flux to equilibrate. The temperature of all materials needs to come to equilibrium and this leads to a slightly higher apparent heat loss in the first few minutes. After everything has settled down then the curve is logarithmic. For the technically minded this is demonstrated in figure 6, in which the logarithm of T-To ( ambient temp) vs time is clearly linear.

The data is quite conclusive - the multifoil insulation is not as good at retaining heat as the 50mm celotex although clearly it is better than no insulation at all. The repeat experiment for the multifoil insulation with a slightly different sealing approach gives almost exactly the same results. The foil behaves almost 50% worse than the celotex despite claims to the contrary. The time for the system to drop by a fixed temperature is nearly twice as long for celotex vs multifoil foil.


This set of experiments was designed to compare the two insulation materials at heat retention under as near identical conditions as possible. My objective was to provide data which I could use to make a simple decision on which material to use for insulation of my barn. Despite repeat experiments under near ideal conditions the Multifoil insulation was clearly inferior to the celotex. Although I was disappointed with the outcome, because of the practical consequences, the decision on which sort of insulation material to use was obvious.

In hindsight I am not surprised by the result, since if the foils claimed benefit is due to it’s reflective properties, then logically only the first layer will have any real effect. Any subsequent layer reflects heat back into the material itself – this heat is trapped and the foil heats up. Heat loss would then be by conduction along the various sheets of aluminium foil.

The controversy of multifoil as an insulation material will no doubt continue in the building trade. However, as a simple consumer and end user of the building it has to protect, I am sorry to say that multifoil insulation would not be my first choice. Only if space was limited and the structural configuration complex, would I consider multifoil as an alternative, but then as a last resort. It is just not cost effective compared to other materials.

Fig 1a - Experimental Set up.

Fig 1b Plastic Containers used to provide the heat source and the air gap

Fig 1c Plastic Containers Assembled with lid and Digital thermometer

Fig 2 - Multifoil Insulation Set Up

Fig 3 Celotex Insulation Set Up

Fig 4 - Graph of Temperature vs Time 6 hours duration

Fig 5 - As for fig. 4 including 18hour data for 2 experiments

Fig. 6 Logarithmic graph for T-To vs Time


Anonymous tony said...

A very nice simple scientific experiment Thanks Would you like to have a try of 14 layers of newspaper as a bit of fun please and post the results and send me the bill. Tony

4:40 AM  
Blogger CeeDeePics said...

Will think about it, might want to put a sheet of aluminium foil either side because then I would expect it to be very similar to the superquilt. Am busy building at the moment but when I get some free time I'll set it up again and post the results.

Would you like The Times of News of the World?


11:14 AM  
Anonymous Xenny said...

Well done. It looks good. I've only read it through once briefly but will be back to read more thoroughly and offer more comments soon. x

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Graham said...

Interesting experiment - we need more like this to counter over-optimistic claims by manufacturers. Maybe house-mounted wind turbines next?

Surely, though, the external temp needs to be controlled. If the external temp was higher than the water there would be no heat loss but heat gain. The cafetieres need to be in a controlled environment.

12:57 AM  
Blogger CeeDeePics said...


You are absolutely correct the external temperature should be controlled. However, provided the temperature difference is high, then the level of control is not so important. Even so by knowing the external temperature then this can be taken into account in the analysis by plotting temperature difference rather than absolute time. This is shown in fact in figures 6 and 6b.


12:41 AM  
Blogger CeeDeePics said...


2nd to last line of my last comment should read "plotting temperature difference rather than absolute TEMP"


12:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you are a working physical chemist publishing papers in peer reviewed journals, I am surprised that you have abandoned "the disinterested pursuit of knowledge" (my PhD supervisor's definition of science) in favour of experiments to prove your preconceived notions. All the foil manufacturers state that air gaps are needed between the foil and the object to be insulated. By wrapping the box with a foil, you are biasing the results strongly in favour of the foam insulation.
SO why is that? Surely you would have read the installation information? If not, please do and then think about what your experiment is really showing..... not very much that is relevant to an installation in a building to the manufacturer's specification!
If you really want to know if foils are better thsn foam board, then please design the experiment again! Make a box where the foils are not touching except battens at 400mm centres. If you do this, they are certain to perform better thn you have shown here. Whether they outperform the foams woudl be interesting to me as well as many others. I suspect that BRE certification is not handed out for nothing! Please don't write this stuff you have here as though you have made an objective assessment of the issue. You have not. By the way, I don't work for Arctis, YBS or any other insulation manufacturer. I just try to do my science objectively and see others do the same. Otherwise we might as well rely on pseudoscience - Garnier "you're worth it" and other such drivel.

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The debate seems to continue! Good to see an attempt to solve the question scientifically, and I trust you are open to suggestions on how to improve the experiment.
I agree you should try it with an air gap to simulate installation as per manufacturers' specifications. Also, maybe a more realistic comparison might be at the sort of temperature differences normally experienced in buildings - say 25-30degC. And then how does the material perform when it is a few years old and probably dirty/dusty? Maybe you could spray a very light dusting of paint or adhesive & dust to simulate an old installation?

5:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Leaving an air gap between the Celotex and the containter would improve that too. They are both foil faced, and therefore both conduct heat (the outer surface anyway). So they would both benefit from no conduction, and low emissivity surfaces should there be an air gap.

6:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just drank a beer. It tasted good.

9:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is stupid experiment. Foil is designed to stop/reduce radiant heat and celotex is designed to stop/reduce conductive heat. If you put the boxes out in the sun and measured the amount of water increased, you would see the foil worked better. In the summer you want an umbrella not a jacket.

10:05 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How sad that this comes up five years later as the first apparently unbiassed multifoil experiment - clearly I'll have to build my own similar apparatus & post the results. After reading all the lead-up, I was floored to note that the experimenter had made the most fundamental error; he's wrapped both insulations firmly against the cardboard box and left the outside exposed to free-flowing convection, thus eliminating virtually all the effects due to reflection.
This is like trying to figure out where you went wrong repairing a power supply, only to realize several hours later that you'd forgotten to reset the circuit after the repair (don't ask how I know).
I need more kit first, though - interior & exterior thermometers that can be tracked, for starters.

9:52 PM  
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